I was thinking about the Midwest.

White, orange, and black cars.

The color of the craft,

our New Year

Spotted on the first day of Summer.

Sometimes fresh starts aren’t always so fresh.

Sometimes they are hot and burning off scorching concrete.

Sometimes they are born on Midnight in the suburbs of Connecticut.



I’ve been dreaming of Russian winters,

rescue planes,

taking 6-hour flights

for 45-minute brunches,

to show people how much I care.

Dashing redย velvet ropes

for closed off areas

Grand marble staircases

Gathering troops

to hijack the castle

Waiting on snow

for the team to show up

and give me a ride

I have brunch plans in six hours.

City Beer Hall

Sleeping topless

I dreamt of city beer hall pasts

A brick wall splashed with soft lighting

A raging bull

An opening to different times 

Torn up pieces of paper, Free pizza

Nancy yelling at me to get in the cab

We were always going back when we should of been moving forward 

Time is a funny thing