There’s a nice sea breeze

in the middle of the city.

I haven’t seen a seagull in 3 days,

but I found my seashell necklace.

I thought I lost it in 2013.

My hair is blue now

It looks dreamy, dreamy, dreamy

If you run your fingers through it

you will find starfish


and rough sand.

You can take the mermaid out of the ocean,

but you can’t take the ocean out of the mermaid.



Marie Laveau paid me a visit in my sleep

Her cheeks were blushed with roses in front of The Black House.

Pulsing with silent assurance

Her words echoed in your chest and made me think of the smell of rain.

She was thunder

Gray and vast

They told me she was a seer.

She knew what you knew,

what you didn’t know,

what you were,

your magick.

She hissed venom at those who

dulled her instincts

who bored her with normality

I hid behind and tried not to make eyes

But she saw

She did not make any noise,

but rather,

her eyes sank into mine

as I crossed the dried up lawn.

She radiated

Later I walked up to a washed out shore under the El.

Marie Laveau passed through.

Puddles of salt water

scattered sand

I waded in pools of navy

and waited for the Voodoo Queen to appear again as another storm.