There’s a nice sea breeze

in the middle of the city.

I haven’t seen a seagull in 3 days,

but I found my seashell necklace.

I thought I lost it in 2013.

My hair is blue now

It looks dreamy, dreamy, dreamy

If you run your fingers through it

you will find starfish


and rough sand.

You can take the mermaid out of the ocean,

but you can’t take the ocean out of the mermaid.


White Oak

I know this looks bad

and it keeps getting worse

Spreading, definitely contagious

My mother told me it was White Oak.

It was deep teal, emerald green,

blue, purple, black.

It made impressions of fishnets on my skin

There was sand flaking off

Making me pick and scratch

Tiny conch shells and specks of glitter

The air was heavy and I began to drown

It was time for the sea to take me back

I escaped for theย river

Hit the ocean by dawn

I was lost beneathย choppy waters, metallic swirls of oil, and plastic bags.

“I need to get out of the city.”

What an understatement that was.