I don’t feel pretty when I wear my glasses;

I wear them anyway.

My hair’s getting long now

The weight of my head

Makes it pin straight

It goes right to hell.

My skull feels swollen

I can feel calcium trying to mix with oxygen.

I’ve learned to not say hello to people who aren’t worth a sliver of my time, or

More appropriately put;

A single strand

Of my silver stardust gorgeous hair.


Quit gagging (it’s not what you think)

I thought seeing you would make me feel better,

but now I feel worse.

As if I didn’t hate them already.

As if I needed another reason.

I would tell you if it was your fault,

but it’s really not.

I would speak the words

if they didn’t make me so sick.

I would say them loud

if I wasn’t already gagging.

Some people make you feel worse

while some make you feel better.


Dear Friend


I don’t talk to you anymore.

I still get your songs stuck in my head sometimes.

For me,

We’re still above the bar

smoking Camel Blue’s

taking gravity bongs in honor of it all.

Let it live


entangled in the carpet

or yellow on the walls.

I still see sunrise smoke rings hovering above

and think of you.


I will be the ground you walk on. 


Steady and true

When you get dizzy 

You can lay your head down 

And pour all your tears onto me 

I will use them to grow a tree for you

You don’t have to get up;

I will cover you with moss and ivy

Let you sleep it off for the next couple decades.

When you awake 

You will be softer than you once were 

Cool to the touch 

So when you try again 

And fail 

You may lay your head on me once more 

and I will protect you. 

I will continue to bloom trees in honor of you

Each time 

Something new will be birthed 

Because of you

You see, they think our tears are our weakness

They do not know 

We are Earth 


I’ve been dreaming of Russian winters,

rescue planes,

taking 6-hour flights

for 45-minute brunches,

to show people how much I care.

Dashing red velvet ropes

for closed off areas

Grand marble staircases

Gathering troops

to hijack the castle

Waiting on snow

for the team to show up

and give me a ride

I have brunch plans in six hours.